PantoRouter—Tilting Table

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PantoRouter—Tilting Table


The PantoRouter is manufactured for the North America market with tilting table and 3.5" diameter router mount.  See below for package contents and router selection guide.

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The tilting-table PantoRouter can be used for a variety of joinery functions including mortise and tenon joints, dovetail joints, box joints, and other cutting operations where the router is held horizontally and perpendicular to the work piece. The tilting table model can also be set up for compound angles and with the table in the 90° position has a large clamping area.   

The Basic PantoRouter Kit includes:

  • PantoRouter kit with tilting-table (CBPR-US-TT-3.5)

  • Small horizontal and vertical mortise and tenon templates (TEM-MT3H & TEM-MT3V)

  • Medium horizontal and vertical mortise and tenon templates (TEM-MT5H & TEM-MT5V)

  • Template Holder (TEM-HOLDER)

  • 22mm guide bearing with 6mm shaft (GB-22)

  • 15mm guide bearing with 6mm shaft (GB-15)

  • 10mm guide bearing with 6mm shaft (GB-10)

  • Thickness Gage

  • Depth Stopper with inch and mm scales

The Porter Cable PC892 or 8902 router and bits are not supplied and it is important for the operator to provide the correct router. The only router that works with the dust collection hood is the Porter Cable 892 or 8902.  See the router selection guide to make sure your router will fit.
Hold-down clamps and accessories sold separately.

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