YouTube Videos

Some of our videos feature older PantoRouter™ models but all function the same.  The older acrylic template holder system has been replaced by an aluminum template holder, which is backward compatible with previous versions.

WoodWorking with the PantoRouter is Easy, Accurate, Fast and Fun!  This video show some of the possibilities for mortise and tenon, box or finger joints and dovetail.

Michael Fortune describes how he built his beautiful folding chair using the PantoRouter. We were at the Fine Woodworking Live event in Massachusetts where he brought his chair to graciously allow us to display in our booth. Michael's work is exquisite in form, function and detail of fit and finish.

Marius Hornberger builds this beautiful stand for his new metal lathe using the PantoRouter.  He makes single and triple mortise and tenon in hardwood for a strong and heavy duty bench and cabinet.

Marius makes dovetail drawers for his shop.

Jay Bates makes a cantilevered stand for his jointer and PantoRouter using mortise and tenons cut on the PantoRouter.

Matthias Wandel uses the metal pantorouter and two tenon templates to make a double mortise and tenon joint. 

Matthias Wandel uses a fixed spacing dovetail template to cut the tails and pins of a joint.