Centering Scale Fence for the PantoRouter. This fence is backward compatible to all aluminum PantoRouters.

Note:  Since this intro video was made and posted we've refined the Centering Scale Fence and added a metric scale to the inch scale from our first iteration.  The fence section has only one adjustment knob, which we found more user friendly.

Quickly Center the Template.  Once the table centerline is marked or scribed, it's easy to center templates using a pointer or centering jig in place of the router bit.

Assembling and Setting the Template Holder.  Assembling and setting up the Template Holder and Thickness Gauge takes just a few minutes using this guide.

Quadro Mortise and Tenon.  We have Quadro Mortise and Tenon templates for both the classic acrylic template holder and the aluminum template holder introduced in September 2016. Both make incredibly strong joinery and both are easy, fun and fast. Please visit our website to learn more about the PantoRouter and visit our online store to purchase either system.

Rapid-Fire Mortise and Tenon.  We made 20 cabinets for our shop using this method for the face frames. Yes, it's probably overkill but since it goes so fast with the PantoRouter, why not?

This video was made before we had the dust collection system available.  You can see why this was such a high priority!  Shavings everywhere!

Variably-Spaced Dovetails and Some Fun Hacks.  Two new Templates and a new Fence/Stop system for the Hybrid PantoRouter. Watch us make variably spaced dovetails and quadra-cut mortise and tenon. We also share a hack for your existing PantoRouter to make it even more fun and useful to use. Happy PantoRouting!

Vintage Video Showing Quadro M&T.  Woodworking joinery with the Hybrid PantoRouter.  

This video is fun to watch but the current model is vastly improved.

Cosmas Bauer Making Dovetails.  Making a dovetailed juice crate using the PantoRouter. It's made of spruce which was stained green using thinned wall paint. 

Vintage Videos

Following are some older videos, some of which show templates and components no longer part of the PantoRouter.  They're fun to watch and show many uses of the PantoRouter still useful today but don't show the new and improved version currently available.

You can make different size thickness mortise and tenon joint using one template on hybrid pantorouter. For mortise you must need to use exact same size router bit the thickness you want the tenon.

Making through dovetail joint template with the Hybrid PantoRouter. Use 1/2 inch 14 degree dovetail bit and 3/8 inch straight bit.

Working out the geometry for a tenon template on the pantorouter.

Making large mortise and tenon using the Hybrid PantoRouter.

Making dovetail mortise and tenon joint. The demo size is too small to compare to timber joining, the Hybrid PantoRouter can take task of 8 inch wide and 3.5 inch height dovetail mortise and tenon joint.

Watch all of Kuldeep Singh's videos using the Hybrid Pantorouter on his YouTube channel.

Matthias explains in detail but without a lot of math how to create custom templates for the PantoRouter.  The Hybrid PantoRouter has a much easier template holder to use so your templates will be even easier to create.  Tip: Try making a tapered guide bearing so you can adjust the fit of your workpiece perfectly.  If you need a 6mm shaft, go to our online store where you'll find our 6mm guide bearing.  You can drill your guide bearing stock and press fit it onto the 6mm shaft (guide bearing) then chuck it in a lathe or drill press and taper it.

A large animated tradeshow display showing how the pantorouter works, built for Mac Sheldon. Mac will take the display to the wood show in Baltimore Jan 8-10, 2015.

This video shows Matthias Wandel customizing a hold-down clamp for the Hybrid PantoRouter.  Since he shot this video the Bessey clamp system has been improved with a thicker fence/mounting plate so it now handles a 2X4 and more.  We also have some additional new clamps available in our online store, but for the DIY user, this will give some ideas for clamping using your imagination and creativity.

Lever Clamps For The Hybrid PantoRouter

Using the metal pantorouter and two tenon templates to make a double mortise and tenon joint.

Using a template from Kuldeep that can do the tails and pins of a joint.

Please note, this dovetail template does not require the spacers Matthias installed as there are wing nuts to replace the red locking nuts on the template holder frame.  This template is also available for the aluminum template holder frame.

Using my screw advance box joint jig and my pantorouter to fix a an ax handle, rather than make a new one. Why? Because I can! Fancy tools used: Pantorouter: Box joint jig: