How-To Guides

The PantoRouter is well suited to mortise and tenon, dovetail and box joint joinery and these guides will lead you through the setup and creation of perfect joints in minutes.  Click the link below:

How-To Guides

Quick Start Guide for the PantoRouter
This guide shows the different combinations of guide bearings and bits used to make Mortise & Tenon, Box Joints and Dovetails.  

Quick Start Guide

Finding and Marking the Table Centerline

An accurate centerline marked or scribed on the table is very useful for accurate joinery.  This tech top will guide you through the process.

Finding and Marking the Table Centerline

Porter-Cable 8902 series router with the Dust Collection Hood
The Dust Collection Hood is very easy to install.  Follow this guide and the whole process should take just a few minutes. 

Tech Tip PC890

Tech Tip for Setting-Up and Using The PantoRouter Fence with Centering Scale

The PantoRouter Fence has a unique centering scale, which allows the operator to quickly and easily find center of the workpiece.  Setup takes only a couple of minutes and using the fence is very straightforward but the back knob should always be tightened before the fence knob.  See this Tech Tip for more.

Tech Tip Fence

Setting the Thickness Gauge for Version-3 Template Holders
The Version-3 (V-3) template holder has an improved thickness gauge system that's easy to setup and easy to use.  

Tech Tip V-3 Thickness Gauge

Bad Hair Day
The dust collector brush should never be stored crunched up against the fence or workpiece, but if you do so by accident, the bristles can be straightened rather easily.  

Tech Tip Bad Hair Day

Euro-Style Hose
Some of the hose ends from Festool, Bosch, Mirka and other European brands are 40 mm outside diameter and fit inside our dust collection hood.  This works fairly well but the opening is restricted and it's better to use a hose end over the hood outlet instead of inside.  If you do use the hose inside, we provide a clamp to snap around the outside of the hood outlet since there's potentially considerable force with the hose movement and the compression of the hose end.

Euro-Style Hose